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Beyond rare, utterly spectacular

With their spellbinding beauty, Argyle pink diamonds are among the most feted jewels in the world. Each one possesses its own unique beauty with an assured rarity because, unlike the gems, the Kimberley’s prized supply of pink diamonds is not forever.

The treasure trove that is the Argyle Diamond Mine was discovered by a stroke of luck and touch of genius in Western Australia’s awe-inspiring Kimberley region.

It was in this vast and ancient landscape that a geologist first glimpsed an astonishing pink diamond glinting from the soil of an anthill.

This extraordinary twist of fate resulted in the opening in 1983 of the Argyle Diamond Mine, which produces more than 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds.

These are sold in a range of colour grades and sizes to select clientele across the globe. And with the Argyle Diamond Mine nearing the end of its life in 2020, the celebrated jewels are set to become even more exclusive.

Forged in the crucible of the Earth billions of years ago, pink diamonds were created under intense heat and pressure by extraordinary natural forces.

The coveted marvels of nature were then propelled closer to the surface via vast pipes during cataclysmic volcanic eruptions.
The remote, magnificent Kimberley now attracts visitors from every corner of the globe to experience the magic of this incredible natural wonder.

This stunning wilderness in Australia’s north-west is a complex outback region encompassing ancient gorges, incredible rock formations, waterfalls and cave systems, pristine beaches, pockets of lush rainforest and diverse wildlife. It is also famous for its spectacular sunsets which ignite the evening sky with vivid pinks and oranges over the red earth.

Beyond the unforgettable colours and terrain, the rugged landscape bears witness to one of the richest prehistoric art galleries on Earth, allowing visitors to connect with one of the oldest surviving cultures in existence. The indigenous rock paintings of the region date back some 60,000 years – five times longer than the Egyptian pyramids – providing an invaluable record of the land’s ancient heritage and its people’s stories.

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Diamond grader Sarah Edwards talks about pink diamonds

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